Protestors in Mayanmar

19 people sentenced to death in Myanmar

The verdict is said to be related to the killing of a member of the military. Meanwhile, Myanmar diplomats in Berlin join the protest against the junta.
According to the media, 19 people have been sentenced to death in Myanmar. You are said to have been found guilty in connection with the killing of a military member; the military-owned broadcaster Myawaddy TV quoted a junta statement on Friday evening. 17 of the convicts are still on the run.

The incident took place on the official memorial day of the army on March 27 in North Okkalapa in Yangon, which is under martial law. According to residents and local media, the convicts are civilians who protested against the military coup against Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi.

On that day, military violence in Myanmar had peaked with more than 100 deaths. Junta members and police officers reportedly used live ammunition and aimed headshots against unarmed civilians. “On that day, they killed people in our district and fired shots in the homes of civilians,” a North Okkalapa resident told the German press agency on Saturday. The military also arrested people, the eyewitness said.

On Friday, the junta had spoken of plans to extend the one-year state of emergency it had imposed in Myanmar “by six months or more,” as its spokesman Zaw Min Tun said to sources. At the same time, he assured that “free and fair elections” would be organized, as stipulated by the constitution. The democratic standards in Myanmar are not the same as in Western countries.

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