8 Useful Tips for Backpacking Thailand That You Need to Know

8 Useful Tips for Backpacking Thailand That You Need to Know

Thailand is a beautiful place to visit that you will remember for a lifetime. However, you must be aware of the specific things that will boost the joy of your travelling experience. Otherwise, you will ruin the pleasure of your trip and may get stuck into several issues. Therefore, to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable journey when backpacking Thailand must look at the following things before you move.


Best Backpacking Thailand Tips:


• Go for street food
When backpacking Thailand, don’t fill up your bags with a lot of food-stuff. It will only result in consuming more space while adding more burden on your shoulders. Instead, go for street food or local food when you go to Thailand. It will not only make your travel light but also save a lot of money and space in your luggage.

• Don’t pack unnecessary stuff
Another critical thing to know when backpacking Thailand is to avoid putting up useless stuff into your bags. Instead, only pack the limited material that is important for your stay in Thailand. Furthermore, don’t pack a lot of dresses but only 2 or 3 of them will be enough for light travelling.

• Bargain as much as you can during island hopping tours Thailand
When you go on island hopping tours Thailand, make sure to use your bargaining skills, instead of taking a lot of cash with you. A lot of tourists are over-charged if they don’t bargain and have no knowledge about the pricing. To avoid losing your financial balance, it is vital to save money through bargaining. No matter whatever you want to shop, always try to reduce the prices through negotiation with the shopkeeper.

• Must keep sunscreen when backpacking Thailand
When you go to Thailand, you will find many opportunities to visit different places that are not enclosed, such as beaches. You will also find many open events and festivals where you will have to stay directly under the sunlight. As a result, your skin may get darkened or affected by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the sunscreen with you when backpacking Thailand.

• Choose to stay in hostels
Another crucial thing to know is that staying in hotels will cost you more during island hopping tours Thailand. Numerous luxurious hotels in Thailand only add up more cost to your budget. In contrast, if you choose to stay in a hostel, it will never cost you more but help in saving a lot of your money. Therefore, always go for choosing the hostels or camps, instead of paying more for hotels.

• Volunteer to make some money
Instead of keeping a lot of cash with you when backpacking Thailand, it always a good idea to volunteer when you go there. There are numerous volunteer opportunities in Thailand that you can easily avail. Try to grab some of them to make some money and fulfil your expenses from that money.

• Plan for festivals when backpacking Thailand
One useful thing to remember is to start looking for coupons and discounts on the upcoming events/festivals tickets in Thailand. Whenever you see any ticket at a discounted price, buy it online and enjoy the festival/event when you go to island hopping tours Thailand. In this way, you will not have to carry or spend more cash when you move there.

• Use public transport for long distances
Lastly, I always prefer to use public transport when you go to Thailand. Never hire any private car/taxi because it will be so expensive. Try to save money through a walk or using the public transport whenever possible. Through keeping in mind these simple things, you will be able to enjoy more when backpacking Thailand.

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