A little boy (4) and the man died at the Arnhem flat fire, two others injured

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A four-year-old boy and an adult man died in a fire in a flat in Arnhem. Another toddler and a woman were seriously injured.
The police report that. Around 1 am last night there was a fire in the entrance of a flat on the Gelderseplein in Arnhem. The four victims were in the elevator at that time.
The fire department finally managed to free the four. They were taken seriously injured to the hospital. The man and the 4-year-old boy did not survive the fire. According to the fire brigade, the victims had inhaled a lot of smoke. Two of them had to be resuscitated.
The fire brigade took other residents of the flat with aerial platforms and ladders from their homes. They were no longer able to go outside in the usual way because the fire caused damage to lifts and the stairwell.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

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