Apple AitTags

Apple unveils long-awaited AirTags search labels.

Apple has announced its highly anticipated AirTags. Wireless search tags make it easy for users to find their keys, bag and more.

Apple announced the AirTags on Tuesday evening after rumours about the search label have been going on for almost two years. The AirTag is a competitor to Bluetooth trackers such as those from Tile and Chipolo. The circular label can be attached to keys, for example, and can beep when the user searches for the keys.

AirTags also contain a U1 chip, which allows users on an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 to see in which direction to look for their AirTag and how far the label is from them.

If an AirTag is out of reach of the owner, its location can be communicated via a passer’s iPhone. This is done encrypted so that the privacy of the owner is protected.

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