“Apple will put its own 5G modems in iPhones from 2022.”

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Apple would like to make its own 5G modems for the iPhone from 2022 onwards. The tech giant would then be less dependent on manufacturers such as Qualcomm.

Fast Company tells an anonymous source. The modems are probably made by the modem branch of Intel, which Apple took over last summer.

The question is whether Apple will manage to make its own modems in 2022. The hardware still has to be made and tested. Once Apple has the part, it also takes a long time to get it approved by all agencies.

Apple would eventually want to process its own modem in the chip of the iPhone. This makes the CompanyCompany one general component, whereby the modem can also communicate more directly with, for example, the processor.
The iPhone would support 5G a few years earlier: according to earlier rumours, next year’s iPhone will already receive a 5G modem from Qualcomm.

The relationships between Apple and Qualcomm have been uncomfortable for a while. The companies recently faced each other in court over a major patent dispute, which was settled in April this year.

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