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Boris Johnson rejects EU standards for the future trade agreement

After Brexit, the British prime minister is aiming for a “pragmatic” trade relationship with the EU. He wants to avoid the “full range” of European regulations.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not want to be contractually bound to comply with EU standards. This comes from excerpts of a speech that Johnson intends to deliver to entrepreneurs and business people this Monday. In it, the prime minister wants to present his negotiating goals in the upcoming talks on future relations with the EU.

Britain had left the EU on Saturday night. In a transition period until the end of the year, nothing changes in everyday life of many British people. During this time, both sides want to agree on how to regulate their future relationships. In addition to trade, it also deals with fishing rights, security issues and access to databases. The period until the end of the year is considered to be too short, but Johnson vehemently rejects an extension option of up to two years, which is still open until the end of July.

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