theresa may in parliment2

‘British parliamentarians work on Brexit postponement.’

 Many British parliamentarians are struggling on a motion to delay the Article 50 procedure for withdrawal from the EU. That was what ministers from the May government told top business people.

A large majority rejected the Brexit deal by Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday evening by the deputies in the House of Commons. This prompted some cabinet members, in consultation with prominent businesspeople, to try to change the date of departure from the EU, which was set on 29 March, to later in the year.

Ministers Philip Hammond (Finance), Greg Clark (Economic Affairs) and Stephen Barclay (Brexit) said that a “motion of backbenchers is in the making for postponement of article 50”, said the director of a British company attending the meeting was against Reuters news agency. He wanted to remain anonymous. The entrepreneurs wanted, among others, to know from ministers what will happen in a no-deal.

May has to come up with an alternative plan within three parliamentary working days. After that, anything is possible; no deal, nevertheless a renegotiation with the EU, elections, or a new referendum.

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