Corona Vaccine

Coalition politicians defend the emergency brake as “legally secure.”

The Bundestag votes on the amended Infection Protection Act. The FDP sees constitutional problems; politicians from the SPD and CDU consider this to be unfounded.

Politicians in the grand coalition have defended the planned nationwide exit restrictions from an incidence of 100 as proportionate. “You will not find a European country that has managed to break the wave without also relying on exit restrictions,” said the deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Thorsten Frei, in the ZDF morning magazine.

The regulations would also hold complaints before the Federal Constitutional Court. “It is as legally secure as many other things that we do,” said the CDU politician. “It’s proportionate, appropriate, and necessary.”

Since the morning, the Bundestag has been discussing uniform nationwide rules for combating the corona pandemic; the factions of the grand coalitions also want to adopt them. At the start of the debate, Union parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus campaigned for the planned changes in the Infection Protection Act.

“We are in a critical situation where too many people are dying”. With a view to the criticized restriction of fundamental rights, he stated that it was also the task of the members of the Bundestag to protect life and health.

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