Coronavirus can delay production of iPhone 12

The coronavirus may cause the iPhone 12 to appear later than previously expected.
Travelling to China has been made difficult or impossible to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. Those travel restrictions were imposed around the same time Apple staff would travel to China to take the first production steps for new iPhones, two former factory workers told Reuters.

Therefore, two scenarios are possible: Apple personnel travelled to China just in time to start the iPhone 12 production, or the employees no longer enter the country. If the latter is the case, then this can significantly delay the iPhone 12. Apple did not want to respond to the statements.

The mass production of the iPhone 12 would only start this summer, but the first test productions will be run around the spring. In close cooperation with Apple employees, we are looking at whether the telephone is correctly rolling off the conveyor belt, so that this process can be scaled up later.

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