Kamala Harris

Cover photo Vogue with Kamala Harris under fire

The cover of the latest edition of the American ‘Vogue’ features Kamala Harris (56), the upcoming vice president of the United States. But according to ‘Huffington Post’ journalist Yashar Ali (41), subscribers receive the magazine with a ‘wrong’ cover.
According to him, ‘Team Harris’ would have made agreements with Vogue about the final cover photo, but Anna Wintour eventually decided to post a different image without informing Kamala. And that is not common.

According to Ali, the Harris and Wintour teams had agreed on the final photo, which shows the politician in a powder blue suit with a soft yellow/orange background. But in the photo that ends up on the cover of the physical magazine, Harris is wearing a black suit with All-Stars. The background resembles that of a standard’ high school prom night’ photo.
According to Ali, it is unacceptable that Vogue posted the photo without her knowledge. According to him, the team of the upcoming vice president was unpleasantly surprised.

Vogue later responded via a statement. “We chose this photo for the print cover, not the online cover because we think that Vice President Harris is displayed well this way. Precisely because she looks very accessible and authentic, which is one of the spearheads of the Biden / Harris government, we applaud both covers and make no distinction.

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