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Criticism of Trump after the report on troop withdrawal plans

9,500 US soldiers are apparently to be withdrawn from Germany. The Polish government hopes for soldiers, German politicians are divided.
According to media reports, U.S. President Donald Trump wants to withdraw thousands of U.S. soldiers from Germany. Union faction vice Johann Wadephul (CDU) sees this as a wake-up call to the Europeans. “The plans again show that the Trump administration is neglecting an elementary leadership role: involving the allies in decision-making processes,” said Wadephul. “Everyone benefits from the cohesion of the alliance, only Russia and China from conflict. That should be given more attention in Washington.”

The reports of the group on the left, Dietmar Bartsch, make the reports optimistic. “The German government should accept it with thanks and prepare to withdraw the U.S. soldiers completely from the Trump administration. The soldiers should take the U.S. atomic bombs with them at the same time,” said Bartsch. “This would have the collateral benefit that the taxpayer would save billions because new fighter jets would not have to be purchased.”

The Wall Street Journal, referring to unnamed U.S. government officials, reported that Trump had instructed the Pentagon to reduce U.S. troop presence in Germany to 9,500 from 34,500 soldiers by September. There is also talk of an upper limit of 25,000 US soldiers in Germany. Spiegel also reports with reference to its information about a planned massive reduction in U.S. troops in Germany.

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