Dancing FBI Agent Accidentally Fires Shot in Nightclub

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Dancing FBI Agent Accidentally Fires Shot in Nightclub. An FBI agent accidentally wounded a man on Saturday in a nightclub in the American city of Denver.


On social media, images show how the gun of the man accidentally goes off after his weapon had fallen from the holster.

The FBI agent was dancing outside his duty hours in a nightclub. His wild dance moves attracted a lot of spectators. He even somersaulted, but his gun fell to the ground. When the man picked up his gun, it went off.

The officer put his weapon away, held his hands in the air and left the dance floor. A bystander was hit and was taken to the hospital.

The incident is being investigated. A spokeswoman for the police said the agent was taken to the police station and released later.

It is not clear whether the FBI agent is being charged or is being subjected to a disciplinary sanction. Blood tests will have to show whether the man was under the influence.

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