Ellie Lust

Ellie Lust advocates ether discipline in the corona crisis

Former police spokesman Ellie Lust (53) calls on the Netherlands to observe more ether discipline during the corona crisis. She states this in an interview on the website of ‘AT5’. Lust was noticed during her participation in ‘Wie is de Mol?’ through the ether discipline, which she called for whenever candidates communicated remotely via walkie-talkies.

“Individuals have been asking me a wide range of control inquiries since the crown emergency,” says Ellie. “Homework discipline, hamster discipline, sneezing discipline and homework discipline.” People find it difficult to bring order to chaos in these uncertain times.

Ellie mainly calls on people who consult and hold meetings via Facetime or Skype for more structure. “Please ensure that there are no background noises such as rattling coffee makers, barking dogs or crying babies during video calling. Make sure that when you are in the picture, no cat is jumping on your laptop,” said the former policewoman.

“Arrange a good internet connection. And if you have agreed to start at nine, make sure you are all there.”

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