Epstein Confidant Maxwell in 2016: I Saw no Wrongdoing

Epstein Confidant Maxwell in 2016: I Saw no Wrongdoing

Ghislaine Maxwell stated in 2016 that her boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein was never guilty of misconduct towards minors in her presence. That is stated in a legal document that has been made public against Maxwell’s wishes.


58-year-old Maxwell is suspected of recruiting underage girls to have sex with the wealthy Epstein. He took his own life in his cell last year. Maxwell, daughter of the late British media mogul Robert Maxwell, has contradicted the charges.

Maxwell also had to answer questions about her relationship with Epstein in 2016. She was then charged by an alleged victim of the multi-millionaire, Virginia Giuffre. He claims to have been treated as a “sex slave” by Epstein. Her lawsuit against Maxwell is ultimately settled.

The statement that Maxwell made in the presence of lawyers has now been released by order of the judge. The 418-page document states that Maxwell says he never saw anyone having sex with Epstein. She also stated that the multi-millionaire was never guilty of “inappropriate activities with minors” in her presence.

Maxwell’s lawyers unsuccessfully tried to prevent publication of the document. They argued that jurors could use the content of the document against their client. This would jeopardize her right to a fair trial.

US authorities arrested Maxwell last year in Bradford, New Hampshire. She is now on remand in Brooklyn.

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