EU and UK want to agree

Before a top meeting on the Brexit home straight, Britain and EU officials are pushing the other side to move. Ireland’s premier Varadkar was cautiously optimistic on Thursday. But today is Friday.

Following a suggested rapprochement between Great Britain and Ireland in the Brexit dispute, the European Union is discussing chances of finding a compromise with London on Friday.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier first met British Brexit minister Stephen Barclay for Brexit breakfast. At noon, Barnier informs the 27 remaining EU states. Barclay told broadcaster ITV on Friday morning, “We have to see the EU move.”

France’s Secretary of State Amelie de Montchalin, on the other hand, said leaving without a deal was “likely”. Great Britain must seek a compromise. “Without a desire for a compromise on the British side, a no-deal Brexit is possible.”

A decision is expected as to whether negotiations will pay off before the EU summit at the end of next week. Otherwise, the discussion about a further postponement of the UK’s planned withdrawal from the EU on October 31 is likely to revive.

On Thursday, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Irish colleague Leo Varadkar had apparently come closer to a solution. A deal is still possible until October 31, Varadkar said after a two-hour conversation with Johnson. Varadkar called the meeting “very good”. Both Dublin and London wanted an agreement that would take into account the interests of Ireland, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

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