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EU states want to extend the Brexit deadline by the end of January

In the struggle for Brexit, the United Kingdom has again been deferred. The EU grants a new withdrawal period until 31 January 2020.
The EU grants Britain a further reprieve for Brexit: The new deadline ends on 31 January. EU Council President Donald Tusk announced this on Twitter. The EU states had agreed. The decision could be formally implemented through a written procedure, without the need for an EU summit meeting. The regulation is flexible and allows an earlier exit.

The UK could also resign on 1 December or 1 January if London has ratified the exit agreement negotiated with the EU. This gives the UK another three months. At the same time, a chaotic Brexit is excluded without a deal by the extension until the end of January.

So far, it was envisaged that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union on Thursday at 24:00 CET. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, known as the Brexit hardliner, was forced by the lower house to apply for a three-month extension in Brussels.

Previously, the British House of Commons had rejected urgent ratification of the withdrawal agreement. The original schedule with an exit on 31 October was thus no longer to hold. Therefore, Johnson wants to start new elections for December 12th. A request will be on the parliamentary agenda in London on Monday afternoon.

However, the opposition Labor Party has made the extension until the end of January a prerequisite for talks on new elections. To get a new election, Johnson needs a two-thirds majority – and thus the help of the opposition.

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