Former British Consulate employee accuses China of torture

Former British Consulate employee accuses China of torture

He was beaten, tied up, and interrogated for days, Hong Kong reports in several media. The UK, therefore, ordered the Chinese ambassador.

A former British consulate employee in Hong Kong has accused China’s intelligence agencies of torturing him. He was beaten, tied up and interrogated for days for information on Hong Kong protesters, Simon Cheng told The Wall Street Journal and British broadcaster BBC. The Hong Konger also told the Wall Street Journal that he had been repeatedly asked what role Britain played in the emergence of the protests.

According to reports, the United Kingdom ordered the Chinese ambassador because of the case. “We are outraged by the vicious mistreatment Mr Cheng faced while in mainland China,” British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab told the BBC. Expect the Chinese authorities to review the case and bring those responsible to justice.

China confirmed in August that it arrested Cheng during a stay in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. He violated public safety laws and was in administrative detention for 15 days, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said at the time. Government of China has so far failed to respond to inquiries from the Wall Street Journal and the BBC regarding the torture allegations that have now been brought.

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