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Harry and Meghan are no longer allowed to call themselves Sussex Royals

Annoying news for Prince Harry (35) and Meghan Markle (38). The two are no longer allowed to use the ‘Royals’ designation in their brand name. That is why they can no longer call themselves ‘Sussex Royals’. Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth (93), has decided this.

This is certainly annoying news for Harry and Meghan, who by the way, decided to give up their royal titles. They have a popular Instagram account, called Sussex Royals. Moreover, they have also put a lot of money into a website with the name Sussex Royals, and they have recorded the name as a brand name. With the brand, Harry and Meghan are planning to do many things, such as charity activities, teaching materials and books.

The couple is therefore forced to choose a new brand name for everything they want to attach their name to. A source tells The Daily Mail that Harry and Meghan have accepted that they can no longer use the name Sussex Royals. The decision of the Queen, however, has major consequences for the two. So they have to change their Instagram, website and brand name.

Incidentally, all members of the Royal House were involved in the consultation, including Harry and Meghan.

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