kiki bertens

Homework for Kiki Bertens: “It is frustrating”.

A defeat at her return is not a disaster, but the way in which Kiki Bertens lost to Polona Hercog in Rome (twice 6-4) was something to think about. The number eight in the world came on her return after seven months without a match on the WTA Tour, moderate for the day. And that with Roland Garros in over a week to come.

Bertens knows that there is something going on. And she likes to pick up the towel. “I will have to, I think,” said the cheerful voice. “I’ll start training again right away. I’m going home tomorrow (Friday, ed.). Then I will prepare for Paris. Get there on time. Play lots of practice sets and points. It’s just difficult to find a rhythm. Hopefully, I will be better at it then.”

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