Inholland University of Applied Sciences takes the network silent, takes examinations

Hogeschool Inholland has closed the online environment for security reasons; the organization reports on Facebook. Students can, therefore, not submit assignments online. Also, the exams of Monday, January 20 will not take place.

Inholland closed access to the online environment of the university at 4.30 pm on Friday. Since then it is only possible to log in to the network at locations in Inholland. For example, students can no longer submit assignments from home.

“Currently, online activity is only possible within our Inholland buildings,” the institution writes. “Handing in work via Gradeworks, Moodle or other online channels is therefore not possible. This means that the handing in deadlines are suspended up to 24 hours after our online environment is opened again.”

Inholland writes hard to work on a solution to make “essential systems available for external access” as quickly as possible.

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