IoT Challenges that you Will Witness in 2020

IoT Challenges that you Will Witness in 2020

Internet of Things has already overwhelmed a good portion of the technology. That’s the reason IoT has become a hot topic in 2020 and is contributing high in digital transformation. The most significant achievement of IoT is the introduction of self-driven cars, smart houses, smart cities, and more.

Yet, the updates and tweaks are the roots of every technology that is introduced for humankind. IoT technology also has some challenges that you will witness in 2020.


Below listed are the significant challenges that you can’t miss anyhow.

Outdated Hardware:
With passing time, many industries are still dependent on obsolete hardware and software. Such outdated technologies are nowhere compatible with the IoT that has revolutionised the digital era. The pace of upgrading the hardware/software is in progress, yet it will take time to migrate the technology to what is compatible with IoT entirely. The most critical issue that occurs due to outdated assets is open loopholes and vulnerabilities.

FACT: By the end of 2020, nearly 26 billion devices will be connected via the Internet of Things.

Weak Credentials:
Most of you still believe in being short and simple, while creating credentials for handling your IoT devices or various other digital devices. ‘Admin’ and ‘Password’ are the common names people still use without making any changes. However, such basic negligence invites brute-force hackers to breach your security and take control of your IoT devices, which can either be misused.

IoT and AI:
On one hand, where IoT has already changed the digital era, Artificial Intelligence is not different in competition. Both IoT and AI have entirely changed the world. Yet, it’s going to be a big challenge, integrating AI and IoT. Where IoT helps you control the digital tools/gadgets with handheld devices, the AI decides by itself and makes actions accordingly. The integration of IoT and AI is a heated discussion that needs more expertise in the coming years.

IoT and Big Data:
IoT and Big Data are indeed two different concepts, yet they are indulged together in specific ways. Both these technologies are beneficial in minimal consumption and amplification of day-to-day processes. However, big industries are putting their efforts into a reliable integration between the Internet of Things and Big Data.

No Hacking Information:
The biggest flaw of using IoT with your devices is that no hacking alert is provided to the owner. Even under the hacked scenario, you won’t get any message, which brings a big hurdle for the users. It’s an untold truth that IoT doesn’t guarantee 100% security. So, delivering the utmost security with update alerts are some essential pointers that need attention for better use of IoT technology.

So, these are the prominent challenges of the Internet of Things that you will witness in 2020. Simultaneously, there are many IoT trends as well that will enhance its functionalities soon. Till 100% security is assured with IoT, it will always be a topic of critical discussion.

What more IoT challenges do you think must be discussed?

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