Iran President Rouhani

Iran has Links with Attacks on Saudi Arabia

In a letter, Iran is resisting charges of involvement in drone strikes on Saudi oil facilities. President Ruhani said, “We do not want a conflict.”

The allegation of being responsible for attacks on two oil installations in Saudi Arabia has been rejected by the Iranian government. Saudi Arabia and the US government had alleged that Iran was involved in the drone attacks.

Iranian President Hassan Ruhani said in a video broadcast on Iranian media, “We do not want a conflict in the region.” Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami also said that Iran was not involved in the weekend’s attacks, according to a semi-official news agency Tasnim. According to Iran, the situation was clear: the conflict prevailed between two countries, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the Iranian leadership made an official letter to the US government, reiterating that Iran was unconnected with the attacks. This was reported by the official Iranian news agency Irna. The letter was handed over to the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, which represents the interests of the United States in Iran.

On Saturday, drone attacks hit Saudi Arabia’s two largest oil plants. The Yemeni Houthi rebels had claimed the attacks for themselves.

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