Joe Biden leaving after speech

Joe Biden accuses Afghans of unwillingness to fight

The US President vehemently defends the US troop withdrawal. It would have made no difference to have stayed in the country any longer. He complains about Afghan soldiers.
In his first public statement on the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden passionately shielded his choice to pull US troops from the country. He’s adamant about his decision, said Biden.

He argued that it would have had no effect if the US troops had remained in Afghanistan anymore and accused the Afghan security forces of a lack of combat readiness. Biden admitted, however, that the United States had underestimated the speed of the Taliban’s advance: “It has developed faster than we expected.”

In the past few weeks, after the withdrawal of foreign troops, the Taliban had taken virtually all of the country’s provincial capitals at breakneck speed, many of them without a fight. They also entered Kabul on Sunday. There were no fights there either. The lightning advance surprised many observers, experts and the US government itself. President Ashraf Ghani has left the country.

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