Last Two Large Refugee Camps Evacuated in Paris

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Last Two Large Refugee Camps Evacuated in Paris. The two last large refugee camps in Paris are being evacuated on Monday. In the two camps, both in the north of the French capital, more than 1,000 people reside together.


It is a camp along the Saint-Martin canal. 550 people, mostly from Afghanistan, were counted for the weekend. They have been in tents for months.

In a camp close to the Porte de la Chapelle there are about 450 people.

The prefecture reports in a communiqué that the French state will investigate everyone’s administrative situation ‘completely and profoundly’.

It is already the 36th time in three years that a refugee camp is being evacuated. Last week, the largest camp, near the Porte de la Vilette, was evacuated. The situation in the camps, and especially the uninhabitability and tensions, have been worrying for the authorities for some time.

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