Learn Why it is Healthy to Eat an Egg Every Day

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Learn Why it is Healthy to Eat an Egg Every Day. An egg is part of it, right? A recent large-scale Chinese study, published in the scientific journal Heart, shows that an egg is not only part of it, but can even be on the menu every day. This could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


The study was carried out among 400,000 Chinese, where comparisons were made between people who eat an egg every day and people who do not eat eggs.

People who tapped an egg on a daily basis were eighteen percent less likely to die because of a heart attack or stroke. The risk of cardiovascular disease was eleven percent lower in the group of egg eaters.

Of the entire group that was examined, thirteen percent every day an egg. These subjects were then monitored for nine years.

Have we not learned that we could eat up to three eggs per week because the egg yolk is not suitable for our cholesterol? Egg yolk contains two hundred milligrams of cholesterol.

According to Changing Yu, co-author of the study, no negative relationship can be demonstrated between eggs and increased cholesterol levels. That is good eggs continue to tick and eat of course!

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