London: Russia May Not be Able to Meet All Arms Exports

London: Russia May Not be Able to Meet All Arms Exports

The export of Russian weapons could face problems due to the war in Ukraine and Western sanctions against Russia. According to a report by the British Secret Service, Russia may not be able to fulfil all export orders for armoured vehicles.

The Russian army greatly needs tanks and other armoured vehicles for the war in Ukraine because of the large losses of military equipment.

For example, the British Secret Service says Belarus recently released details about developing a domestically built tank. Previously, that order would have been awarded to the Russian state-owned company UralVagonZavod.

The British also say that the war has damaged the reputation of the Russian arms industry in Ukraine and the heavy losses suffered. “The credibility of many of their weapon systems will be undermined by the poor performance of the Russian armed forces in the Ukrainian war,” the intelligence agency said.

The United Kingdom regularly reports on the progress of the war in Ukraine. Moscow talks about a campaign of disinformation by London.

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