New Investigation into Capitol Storming After External Commission Blockade

New Investigation into Capitol Storming After External Commission Blockade

To investigate the sensational storming of the Capitol in Washington, the House of Representatives has its own committee. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been forced to take this step because rival Republicans are blocking an independent investigation into the rioting in and around the US House of Representatives.


Democrat Pelosi, a party member of President Biden, wants to determine the causes of the January 6 attack. A mob of supporters of former President Trump then stormed into the building. The aim is also to find out what can be done to prevent such violence. “January 6 was a day of darkness for our country,” Pelosi said at a news conference. “Our temple of democracy was attacked.” Five people were killed.

Several committees of the House and Senate, the other chamber of parliament, already investigated the shortcomings in the field of intelligence and security on January 6.

The crowd forced their way into the Capitol to prevent parliament from confirming the results of the presidential election. The rioters believed the election had been “stolen,” largely due to Trump’s unproven claim of fraud. Democrats wanted Trump impeached for incitement, but he was acquitted by the Senate when he was no longer president.

A judge has now convicted the first Trump supporter who stormed the Capitol. The 49-year-old Indiana woman, who pleaded guilty and apologized, was released from community service and paid $500 in damages. Charges have been filed against about 500 people.

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