Outsourcing vs Hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist

Outsourcing vs Hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist

Investing in your digital marketing is a big deal, whether you’re a boutique company or a global corporation, everyone benefits from it. Digital marketing is all about reaching and communicating with your audience in the digital space, so you want to be sure that the service you’re using is skilled in successfully achieve and enhancing this communication. Outsourcing and digital marketing agencies or specialists are both fantastic means of receiving elite services and achieving results. Both of these options come with their own benefits and nuances; here are the major pluses of each…

Benefits of Outsourcing

Major experience at minimal cost

One of the most significant and obvious benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing is cost-effectiveness. This is a core motivator for a lot of companies that require some online enhancement but don’t have the budget to churn through the digital marketing industry at home. You’ll be able to enjoy an expert team at a cost that you just can’t get in-house. As long as you’re selecting ethically, value and skills are the best benefits of outsourcing.

Market knowledge

Outsourced talent offers up the potential for you to learn more about new markets and countries that you might want to move into or just know a little more about. Your staff will be able to offer insights about cultural specifications and best practice to expand your knowledge and global business potential.

Flexible hours

Whether you’re outsourcing for a specific project, just one task, an important client or for all your ongoing digital marketing needs, a considerable benefit is the increased flexibility of your workforce. Hiring in-house or agency talent means that you’re forking out for 38 hours a week, which your business might not actually need. If you’re a small to medium company, you don’t necessarily need someone working on your account 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Outsourcing means that you can choose flexible hours or part-time schedules for your talent. What’s more, the potential time difference means that your company’s productivity is churning for more hours of the day.

Varied skills

Given that the cost of your talent is significantly lower than that at home, you’ll find that the staff you’re securing are majorly skilled in multiple areas of digital expertise! Personnel with additional experience and talents is a fantastic investment and not one that you enjoy all that often when you’re hiring in your home country.

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Agency

Face to face meetings

By hiring a digital marketing agency or just one consultant, you’ll be able to meet with your hired professional face to face. Although these meetings might not be quite so regular, they’ll also be very communicative over email or the phone during the same waking hours as you. For many people, trust is a big part of doing business and forming connections, so if this is a big one for you, face to face meetings and discussions will probably work best.

Specified positions and skills

Digital marketing agencies will often have dedicated roles to dedicated members of staff, and responsibilities will rarely sway far from their specialised areas. If you have a lot of needs, then specified positions and skillsets might work better for you.

Compatible hours

This was touched on in the first benefit. However, it’s a pretty big one, so it’s worth its own section. An outsourced team can potentially be working completely different hours to you depending on the time difference, so if you want an absolute guarantee that you’ll be able to get a hold of your digital marketing specialist, the hours lead by an agency might be better. Keep in mind that agencies work on multiple clients, so they won’t be ready to talk at all times.

Client communication and relationships

If you want to create a lasting relationship and establish a business connection, an agency is the better choice for you. You will have a dedicated point of contact to get answers to your questions and to talk with if you’re grappling with any doubts.

Ready to make an informed decision? Digital marketing specialists come in many forms, both outsourced and agency side, so be sure to make your final verdict based on information, budget, efficiency and communication.

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