People Protest Against Military Coup

Police use water cannons against demonstrators.

The protests against the coup in Myanmar continue. There were clashes with police in the capital, Naypyidaw.
In Myanmar, nationwide protests against the coup continue despite threats from the military. In the capital, Naypyidaw, police used water cannons against demonstrators and fired warning shots into the air. Several participants were injured, as can be seen on photos and videos on social networks. The news portal Frontier Myanmar reported that there had also been individual arrests.

There were protests in other cities as well. “We want our leader back” and “No dictatorship,” demanded the demonstrators in the city of Rangoon. In the San Chaung neighbourhood, many teachers took to the streets and held up three fingers as a sign of protest.

The authorities have expanded the zones where demonstrations are prohibited, said the military’s information department on Facebook. Gatherings of more than five people are prohibited in the commercial metropolis of Yangon and Naypyitaw and some cities in the Magwe region and Kachin, Kayah, Mon and Shan.

The military junta imposed martial law and banned demonstrations on Monday given the ongoing protests against the coup in several parts of the country. Also, a night curfew was imposed between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. in areas heavily affected by protests. The military leadership warned the demonstrators that action would be taken against anyone who endangers “the stability of the state, public security or the rule of law”.

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