Katja Schuurman

Pregnant Katja Schuurman is completely exhausted

For the pregnant Katja Schuurman (45), these are crazy times, just like everyone else. On the one hand, the actress is extremely grateful for the time ‘for all those things that we never get around in the self-created hectic of our lives’, but otherwise, she still finds it quite a challenge. So she says on Instagram.

Katja calls the peace, silence and reflection a ‘great gift to all of us’, but as a pregnant woman, she does not have an easy time. Katja writes: “Deeply tired and occasionally furious, it doesn’t matter what, and wobbly emotional sitting at home, your brain is not capable of much more than a monotonous, empty hum, is still quite an interesting challenge.”

But help is on the way in the form of her husband, Freek. He drags her for a walk to Het Paard van Marken, a lighthouse a stone’s throw from her house but which she has never visited ‘despite the enormous appeal because of all kinds of romantic images and thoughts at this place’.

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