prince Harry and Prince William

‘Quarrel between Prince William and Harry is worse than ever.’

According to author Robert Lacey, there is still controversy in the royal tent. He will soon be releasing a new biography about Prince William and Prince Harry that will reveal how serious the quarrel has become, according to sources.
According to the biographer, there is still a big feud between the brothers. “I didn’t believe it at first. I thought this fight was blown up by the press, but it exists. In fact, it’s much worse than people think.”

“Some will think this will blow over, but I think historians will still be writing about this in ten years,” the writer continues. In his book Battle of Brothers, he explains that the fight had been going on for much longer than the public knows and that it escalated further. He has spoken to several British royals insiders before this, and while he is careful to choose his words, he believes the royals have ‘handled the whole Meghan situation in a terrible way.

“If this quarrel is not resolved quickly, it could just affect the entire monarchy, just like the crisis following the abdication of King Edward in 1936 and the death of Princess Diana. There is still time to change this quarrel for the better. , but Buckingham Palace is currently not working on that. ” Robert is no stranger to royalty connoisseurs. He even works closely with Netflix as an advisor to The Crown.

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