Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth sends a wrong congratulatory card in Canada

Queen Elizabeth can sometimes be wrong. This became clear when the Canadian couple Hennie and Gerald Cook received congratulation from her on the occasion of their diamond wedding. The Queen sent warm congratulations but addressed Robert and Audrey Cook.

A matter of the wrong photo card in the wrong envelope, because the address to the couple from Prince George in British Columbia was correct on it. “We had to laugh a lot. That makes the menu even more unique”, says Hennie Cook in the breakfast program of the Canadian television channel CBC.

They post an image of the card and a short explanation on Facebook in the hope that it would be picked up and that way might reach Robert and Audrey Cook, who may have received the royal congratulations for Hennie and Gerald.

The Canadian Governor General’s office, where the mistake is said to have been made, has announced that a correct map is now underway. “This makes this wedding day unforgettable,” said the couple, and with a wink: “The Queen is of course also a year older. Anybody can commit an error now and again. “

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