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Silence Your Sense of Sweets with 5 foods

Do you have a problem because you are a sweet tooth? Do you overeat sugar? Then add these foods to your diet.

There is a large group of foods that have the power to satisfy your appetite for sweets. If you are a sweet tooth, they will undoubtedly help you. Sweets has been part of the human diet for some time now. Now many people want to take it off their menu because it has adverse effects on their health.

However, deleting sugar from your diet from one day to the next is not as easy as it may sound. Willpower plays a significant role.

People who try not to eat sugar often feel a strong desire for sweets. Little information about food which is friendly in this kind of situation is very helpful.

In this article, we will share the five best alternatives.

Why am I so fond of sweets?

Your sense of sweets arises because your body experiences a drop in blood sugar at certain times of the day. The brain then sends signals to your body to supplement the amount of sugar.

The result is that your sense of sweets is generated. You want to eat all kinds of sweet things. There is a reason that you crave these kinds of foods. After all, sugar is an immediate source of glucose. It makes the brain happy.

Stress is another factor that provokes your appetite for sweets. When you are in stressful situations, the body secretes more cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that prepares your body to respond to danger.

At that moment your body needs more energy. So it wants glucose again. What does that mean? You will then have a lot of sense in sweets.

What happens to us when we eat sweets?

So the brain gets sugar. They then create a feeling of well-being or hyperactivity. That is because the brain also produces more endorphins.

However, it is an effect of short duration. Refined sugar containing carbohydrates are  absorbed quickly. The excess sugar in your blood causes hyperglycaemia. The body will respond by producing insulin. This process causes the glucose to drop.

In other words, it brings you back in the initial situation. The problem is that this is a vicious circle. Over time, the insulin may have a less effective effect to keep the blood sugar levels stable.

The result is that you can deal with problems such as:

  • insulin
  • resistance
  • diabetes
  • overweight

Foods that you want to satisfy in sweets The nutritional value in the composition of certain foods can help you to meet your appetite for sweets.

They are also not harmful to your health. They help your body to regulate blood sugar levels. This means that they reduce the risk of developing problems related to eating refined sugar.

1. Cinnamon

This miraculous spice contains essential oils and antioxidants. These elements protect your body against many different problems and disorders. For some time now, people have been aware of the ability of cinnamon to help reduce problems such as diabetes and other disorders of metabolism. That is also the reason why we recommend that you drink cinnamon tea when you fancy sweets.

2. Pumpkin

Both the pumpkin and pumpkin seed pulp can counteract the strong sense of sweets. The real reason is that they contain a large amount of dietary fibre. That is a nutrient that slows down the intake of carbohydrates. It, therefore, prevents the blood sugar levels from peaking.

3. Carrots

It turns out that the great carrot is an excellent tool to control your sense of sweets. Roots help prevent the sugar levels from peaking through the fibres they contain.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal alone is a complete meal and belongs in every diet. Some people even call oatmeal the ‘queen of the grains’. The reason is that it is exceptionally nutritious. Eat oatmeal at breakfast or as a snack. It will give you energy and at the same time satisfy your sense of sweets.

5. Nuts

Eating walnuts, almonds and all kinds of other nuts provide dietary fibres and proteins. But eating nutty (in moderation) is, therefore, a perfect way to combat the sense of sugar.

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