Joe Biden

Sometimes sluggish, sometimes smart

So far, it has been enough that Joe Biden was simply not Donald Trump. But slowly he has to formulate his own vision. But what exactly does the Democratic candidate want?
If elected tomorrow, the matter would be decided. President Donald Trump would be voted out of office, punishing the state of the economy with over 40 million unemployed, 118,000 American casualties from the COVID 19 pandemic, and the polarization of the United States that led straight into a new racism debate.

Joe Biden, 77, would become the 46th President of the United States. He clearly leads in all surveys, with an eight, ten, twelve percent lead. He also leads in those states where Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania; and Biden even keeps up where Trump has to win to have a chance at all, in Texas or Florida.

But since not tomorrow, but only on November 3, many turns, surprises, scandals, promises and other embarrassments are possible in the American election campaign, including illnesses of course and even successes.
There are still 141 days. These are unquestionably important days.

For the candidate Biden, it is now a matter of bringing the lead he has today to the finish; but he knows and says it too, that he cannot just wait and hold still. Sports metaphors don’t fit too often in politics. Still, maybe this time: Biden stands before the triumph of his life after 60 minutes of play and only has to hold on to the result, but those damn last 30 minutes will be endless – and even a goal could be his defeat Initiate life.

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