SpaceX: Elon Musk Postponed Space Travel Plan Until Next Year

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SpaceX: Elon Musk Postponed Space Travel Plan Until Next Year. Whoever dreamed of space travel around the moon will have to wait a little longer. SpaceX, the space company of Tesla-CEO Elon Musk, has postponed the plans until an at least mid-next year.


Society would generally send two tourists into space this year. The two participants, whose name is not known, would have already paid a significant amount for their excursion.

In a conversation with the newspaper Wall Street Journal, spokesman James Gleeson said that no new date has yet been set to fly civilians around the moon. ‘There is increasing interest from customers’, it sounds promising.

It is clear that SpaceX still has to deal with a lot of scepticism. According to Wall Street Journal, Thomas Mueller of SpaceX admitted last month at a conference that potential customers doubt whether his company is serious about the powerful Falcon Heavy rocket. As a result, they do not view the possibilities in detail. SpaceX will, therefore, carry out fewer launches next year than hitherto assumed.

This year, SpaceX is expected to launch 28 missiles. The most recent launch took place earlier today at Cape Canaveral.

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