spotify vs Apple

“Spotify and Apple discuss Siri operation.”

Spotify users will probably be able to fully control the music service on iOS with their voice via Siri.
Apple and Spotify would be talking about that feature, insiders say to The Information. Earlier information about the upcoming iOS 13 already pointed to Siri support for all audio services.

Starting with iOS 13, Spotify users can operate their app completely hands-free via Siri. They may request to play albums, single tracks or playlists. It seems that users have to mention Spotify in their command. Otherwise, Siri tries to find the music on Apple Music.
Until now, iOS users can control almost all apps on their device with Siri to a certain extent. But audio apps are noticeably excluded: only Apple Music can be operated via Siri. A thorn in the eye of Spotify, which sees preferential behaviour. Spotify submitted these and more complaints to the European Commission earlier this year.

Spotify must build in the Siri support itself in its iOS app. This also applies to other streaming services and makers of, for example, podcast apps.

It is not known whether Spotify will immediately have an update ready when iOS 13 appears in September. The company previously complained about a lack of options on the Apple Watch, but for almost a year, the company has been able to make an app that stores music on the watch. However, that app is still not there.

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