Andrew Cuomo

The hero who listens to facts

New York governor Andrew Cuomo found the role of his life in the crisis thanks to decency and compassion. The contrast to Donald Trump could not be greater.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much. Just decency. And compassion. Day after day, Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, his city and state, explains the current situation. He fights for military ships that can be turned into hospitals on the Hudson River and for ventilators, masks and gloves to fight the coronavirus.

On Thursday, he spoke of his daughters, whose world is now shaken for the first time. They don’t know what world they’ll live in in a few years. Democrat Cuomo said: “We keep talking about it, we listen to each other, and ultimately it will strengthen them. Because they will know what is important in life. They will be better citizens.”

New York City with its 8.5 million inhabitants has meanwhile become the world crisis center. On Saturday at noon in Germany, there were 602,262 confirmed Covid-19 infections, including 104,873 in the USA, around 46,094 in the state of New York and 26,697 in New York City. There were 1,711 deaths, 450 of them in New York City. (The numbers may vary depending on the status of the update)

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