The system does not live on Trump alone.

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John Bolton unpacks, but too late. His book describes a US president whose madness can no longer surprise anyone. And a system that knows no heroes.
It is tempting to look at John Bolton alone. And to see someone who refused to be a hero at the right time. Now the former National Security Advisor comes to the White House with his book, for a nice million dollar fee he can look at himself and illuminate his failure – he should have unpacked earlier about Donald Trump, many say now.

Yes, Bolton would have been the best witness against this president if he had given up his knowledge months ago when Congress was about to be impeached. He, who so conscientiously recorded Trump’s madness on his yellow pad in the room where it happened (The Room Where it Happened is the name of the work), then refrained from saying anything. So what does this book need now?

At least not so that the world can finally find out who Donald Trump is. Bolton is not the first, and he will not be the last to describe the chaos in the White House on his own account. A president who has no idea about anything is interested in nothing but himself and who believes that every means is right – this judgment can no longer surprise anyone. One who asks enemy powers for campaign help – we already know. One who does personal preferences to dictators he likes and expects for himself – of course. One who would like to imprison journalists himself and rule through without restrictions, but let himself be weakened by any strong man.

Bolton quoted former White House chief of staff John Kelly as saying, “The way he (Trump) makes decisions, what if we had a real crisis like 9/11?” Even such fears are long outdated: the corona pandemic is a real crisis, and the consequences of what Trump means in the White House can be seen in the cemeteries. They have symbolically condensed in his reaction to the peaceful protest against police violence and racism, which he can only counter with escalation and toughness. The catastrophe has been visible to everyone for years: an egomaniac president who despises any democratic control, a totalitarian blender and fraudulent amateur – it has only gotten worse since the 2016 election.

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