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The USA and China commit to joint climate protection

The first US representative to travel to Beijing was climate officer John Kerry. He brings back a declaration with China – again with only vague promises.
The USA and China have agreed on stronger cooperation on climate protection. Both countries announced this in a statement. The agreement was reached during talks in Shanghai.

“The United States and China are committed to working together and with other countries to address the climate crisis,” the joint statement said. The two countries would continue the dialogue on concrete measures to reduce emissions in the 2020s to comply with the temperature limit for global warming set in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Kerry told reporters in Seoul that the language in the statement was strong. China and the US have agreed on “essential elements” in “where we have to go”.

Kerry is the first member of President Joe Biden’s administration to visit China. He emphasized his hope that both countries could work together despite political tensions. The two biggest economies on the planet, which together are responsible for almost half of the greenhouse gases emitted, announced that they would intensify “their respective measures” for climate protection and participate in “multilateral processes” such as the Paris climate protection agreement.

Former Foreign Secretary Kerry’s trip served in preparation for a US-organized virtual climate summit on April 22nd and 23rd. Including Chinese President Xi Jinping, 40 heads of state and government have been invited.


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