Joe Biden

The USA are ready for nuclear talks with Iran

With the European Union mediation, Joe Biden’s government would be ready for negotiations with Iran. But this now wants to suspend parts of the agreement.
The US government around President Joe Biden has agreed to talks with the government in Tehran about the Iranian nuclear agreement. As a State Department spokesman announced, the US would accept a possible invitation from EU Foreign Affairs Representative Josep Borrell to meet representatives from Iran and the other six contracting states to find a diplomatic solution. Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif had already proposed a mediating role for the EU at the beginning of February.

This advance is the result of consultations by the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Great Britain, in which the new US chief diplomat Antony Blinken was involved.

When such talks could occur is not at the discretion of the US government, said a senior government official. There is no indication of how Iran would respond to an invitation.

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