Kamala Harris

The woman who makes him stronger

Joe Biden campaigns with Kamala Harris. Rhetorically and analytically, it is superior to him. The senator gives his candidacy direction and profile.
These are strange times when the second most crucial message of an epic American presidential campaign comes digitally, without fanfares and long speeches, almost without pictures even, just by text.

The most important news was in early March: Joe Biden, beaten off weeks earlier and hopeless, will become a Democratic candidate after his victory in the South Carolina primary. The second most important is that Kamala Harris, 55, Senator from California, will join Biden in the campaign against Donald Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence – months after she left the presidential campaign miserably before the first primary.

Harris grew up in Oakland, her father Donald Harris, an immigrant Jamaican, was a professor of economics at Stanford, her mother Shyamala Gopalan, immigrated from India, was a doctor, a specialist in breast cancer. According to the North American understanding, Harris is black.

However, not an African American – so she can become a historical figure, the first woman and the first black to take over the vice presidency of the USA and possibly even more afterwards. Of course, this has not been agreed, since there are four elections to be won beforehand and a lot of mistakes to be avoided, so there is a very long way to go; but since yesterday it can no longer be ruled out that this Kamala Harris will first become Vice President and then President.

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