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‘Third Canadian arrested in China is independent of Huawei director arrest.’

The apprehending of a Canadian teacher, Wednesday in China, has, according to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, nothing to do with the arrest of Huawei director Meng Wanzhou earlier this month.

Sarah McIver from the province of Alberta teaches in China and was apprehended, and questioned on Wednesday because there would be something wrong with her visa or work permit. According to a Chinese government spokesman, an administrative sanction is therefore imposed.

The detention of two Canadians earlier this month, shortly after the arrest of Wanhzou in Vancouver, could well be a revenge for the arrest of the CFO of Huawei.

China has arrested people because of concerns about national security. It is a former Canadian diplomat and an entrepreneur from Calgary. They had contact with Canadian diplomats last Sunday.

Wanzhou was arrested when she wanted to transfer to Vancouver airport because she was wanted in the United States for violating sanctions.

Beijing called the arrest “scandalous.” A week after her arrest, Wanzhou was released on bail by the Canadian prosecutor.

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