Three killed by a rocket attack on an Iraqi base

Three killed by a rocket attack on an Iraqi base

Two Americans and one Briton were killed in the attack on a military base near Baghdad. The base has been used for training purposes for years.
In Iraq, three people were killed in a missile attack on a military base. A US government official said the deaths at Taji base near the capital, Baghdad, were a U.S. soldier, a British soldier, and a U.S. citizen who worked for a private partner company of the U.S. Army.

The base was hit by 18 missiles, according to the US-led international military coalition. In addition to the three dead, there were twelve injuries. Initially, no one took responsibility for the attack. In the past, the United States has repeatedly blamed pro-Iranian militias for such missile attacks.

A few hours after the attack, activists said three fighter planes, believed to be part of the military coalition, attacked positions of the Iraqi Hashed-al-Shaabi militias in the Syrian border with Iraq. At least 18 Iraqi fighters were killed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Parts of the Hashed militia are allied with Iran.

At first, there was no information from the USA or the military coalition about the alleged airstrikes on the Hasched militias. This may have been retaliation for shelling the Taji base. The observatory’s information is often difficult to verify independently. The organization is based in the U.K. and relies on a network of local informants.

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