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Trump administration is said to have forced Apple to release data

For allegedly working with journalists, two Democrats were screened by the former government. Data on their families were also requested.
According to a media report, the administration of former US President Donald Trump forced the technology company Apple to release data from two Democratic MPs. As the New York Times reported, those affected were members of the House Intelligence Committee, current chairmen Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell. In addition, data were also requested from his employees and their family members. There was also a minor among them.

Neither Apple nor the Justice Department has yet commented on the allegations. According to the New York Times, the fact that the investigation at that time has only now become known is due to the fact that the Justice Department had ordered Apple to maintain secrecy. After this order expired, Apple informed the MPs.

Justice Department attorneys gained access to communications metadata from the two Democrats and their entourage in 2017, and early 2018 says the New York Times. They were looking for a leak that disclosed confidential information related to contacts between the Trump and Russian governments.

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