Donald Trump

Trump Announces More Lawsuits Over Election Fraud

President Trump’s Republicans have already filed a series of lawsuits over the election, and there will be more.


Trump announced via Twitter that he is going to court in a number of states in which his opponent Joe Biden has claimed victory.

“We are challenging all states Biden has recently claimed in court for voter and electoral fraud,” Trump said.

According to him, there is enough evidence, without proving it. He referred without giving details to media reports about this. “We will win,” he added.

Trump’s campaign team has already filed cases in key states like Georgia, Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania. One of the aims is to stop the counting of votes.

Many of those lawsuits are primarily intended to create confusion, according to legal experts.

Several lawyers and professors tell the American media that most cases do not stand a chance in court. The Democrats of candidate Joe Biden say so too.

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