donald trump

“Trump no longer makes plans to prepare for the G7 summit.”

US President Donald Trump has no plans to host a summit of the G7, the club of seven countries with the largest economies in the world and the European Union soon. If the allegation made by three diplomatic sources is true, it is a sign that the president, and loser of the recent elections, may see that he will have to step down in January.

For now, Trump refuses to admit that he lost the election and accuses Democrats of widespread electoral fraud. Trump has filed lawsuits in multiple states to demonstrate this, so far to no avail.

Lately, there have been more voices from sources around the president, indicating that Trump is gradually facing his electoral defeat. For example, it was announced on Tuesday that he would seriously consider running again in the presidential elections in 2024. That, in effect, would mean Trump acknowledging his election defeat this year.

The relevant G7 summit should have been held in June but was postponed due to the corona pandemic. According to the three diplomatic sources and a fourth insider, time is now running out for Trump to make plans for the G7 summit now that he has to leave the White House on January 20.

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