TUI Cancels Package Holidays to Distant Destinations During the Summer Holidays

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TUI is temporarily cancelling package holidays to distant destinations, including the Maldives, during the summer holidays.


“For the time being, there is no improvement in sight at the very distant destinations, and there is little progress,” says Demeyere. “Travelers demand clarity, and we want to give it to them. Normally we check three weeks before departure whether a certain region still codes red or not. We don’t see much change in the positive sense at the moment.”

“We are now just before the high season. A lot of people have planned a holiday and want to see whether it can continue. That doesn’t look good for distant destinations. It’s a lot easier for us now to cancel ourselves and give people the option to book something else if they want.”

When asked whether early bird discounts will continue to apply, Demeyere answers: “We must respect the contract with the hotelier. He is the one who gives the discount. If there is a cancellation, we don’t know if a traveller will book another hotel.”

“If that traveller still wants to keep the same trip but wants to leave at a later date, that can be reconsidered certainly if it were to leave in the period at the end of October because then we are at the beginning of the winter season. Then you have an early bird discount until the end of September. But in any case, we have to respect what is on the contract with the hotelier,” it reads.

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