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Twitter hides Trump tweet that may discourage people from voting

Twitter has hidden a tweet from US President Trump, as it violates the platform’s rules and may discourage people from voting. The tweet is provided with a warning and can still be read behind the ‘view’ link.

On Monday, the president tweeted that the mailboxes are a “security disaster for voters” and that they are not “clean of COVID-19,” suggesting that the mailboxes pose a risk of contamination.

Twitter does believe that it is in the public interest that the tweet remains accessible via a detour. Therefore, users can still retweet the post with a comment, like and reply to it.

Trump and Twitter have been at odds with each other for a few months. The conflict between the two arose when Twitter labelled two of the president’s tweets as “ potentially misleading information ” in May. In these tweets, Trump claimed that postal voting is prone to fraud, which goes against the platform’s guidelines.

In response, Trump signed a decree weakening or lifting legislation that protects social media companies. Later that month, Twitter again hid a tweet from Trump and provided it with a disclaimer, claiming it glorified violence.

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