Twitter Test Option to Hide Disturbing Reactions

Twitter will release a feature in Canada next week that will allow users to hide disruptive responses from their tweets.

The option is currently only released in Canada. Users can tap an arrow on comments under their tweets to open a menu. With this, they can choose to hide a response.

The answer is not entirely erased but will disappear from view. Not only for the person who posts the message, but also for viewers. It is still possible to tap on a grey icon and still read the reaction.

“Conversations bring people together to discuss, learn and laugh,” Twitter explains. “But there are also many nasty and irrelevant answers that can derail a conversation. We believe that people should keep some control.”

It is not known whether the test will be rolled out later in other countries. The company first wants to collect feedback and see if the option can be improved before it may be released worldwide.

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