Mark Zuckerberg

‘US competition authority investigates Facebook’

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is setting up an argument against Facebook. The competition authority has been investigating the social media company for more than a year.

The FTC suspects that the tech giant has used its dominant market position to knock out competition. The regulator has not yet confirmed the news because the investigation is confidential.

Critics argue that Facebook’s takeover of Instagram and WhatsApp has eliminated two companies that could have become major competitors. At the time, the FTC investigated and approved both acquisitions. However, the regulator may revise past decisions and take them to court.

The competition authority already questioned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last month in connection with the investigation. According to an insider, no final decision has yet been taken on what will happen next. In order for it to come to court, a majority of five FTC commissioners must be in favour of it.

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